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Jackpot City Mobile Casino Review

jackpot city mobile casino

Jackpot City Mobile Casino Review

The Jackpot City Mobile Casino is located in New York City. This casino is owned by Microgaming, which also owns other casinos such as Paradise City in Las Vegas and the World’s Top Poker Room in Macao. Although the desktop version only has a smaller number of casino game selections (see review on Jackpot City mobile), Jackpot City mobile still offers quite a large selection of mobile gaming options, which includes video poker, table games, virtual poker, instant wins, blackjack, keno and even progressive jackpots. The variety of games offered is definitely one of a kind. Each of the games offered on the mobile site is designed to give you the maximum entertainment value with the least amount of risk involved.

As with all mobile casinos, there are loyalty programs which can be redeemed in order to earn even more money from the Jackpot City. There are five loyalty program levels which offer players numerous benefits. At each level, you will receive an additional jackpot of cash. Here are the three main promotions offered: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

At the Silver Level, players have the opportunity to play as many free games as they wish. These include video poker and video slots. Additionally, you will receive an additional bonus of ten percent off on your first deposit when you participate in the loyalty program. On top of that, you will receive one free game with every two hundred spins. This promotion runs at all times on the mobile websites.

At the Gold Level, players have access to a fully licensed slot machine, as well as progressive jackpots which can reach up to a staggering two million dollars! In addition to the full casino slots, you will also find video poker and video slots. You will only ever play slots using software provided by the Jackpot City Mobile Casino, and at the time of signing up, you will be required to download the software before you may access any of the machines.

At the Platinum Level, players have the opportunity to play the same slots but at a much higher jackpot. The maximum for playing Jackpot City Mobile Casino is still two million dollars. Players at this level will also enjoy the ability to use their own credit cards to make deposits and play from anywhere using their mobile devices. Additionally, players will be able to make use of the free daily casino offers to boost their chances of winning the jackpot. If a player reaches the top twenty of the jackpot, they will then receive a year’s worth of free spins on the video slot machines.

The last promotion is called “Mobile Deposit”. Players must login to the mobile casino via their smartphones and add funds to their accounts. They can then withdraw the money anytime they wish to. withdraw options are usually enabled but funds can still be withdrawn if the player chooses to. This promotion has not yet started, so the exact details of the withdrawal options, requirements, and timing are yet to be determined.