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Adler NASDAQ SPAC Still Desires Okada Manila for $2.5 Billion

Adler NASDAQ SPAC Nonetheless Desires Okada Manila for $2.5 Billion


Industry investment veteran, Jason Ader of 26 Capital Acquisition Corp., lately expressed confidence that Japan’s Universal Entertainment Corp., will be back in handle of Okada Manila soon.

The parties had agreed in principle for Ader’s particular purpose acquisition company (SPAC) or “blank-check company” to take the $three.three billion Philippines casino resort public on the NASDAQ in America by way of a merger of the two entities.

Control of the asset was thrown into confusion with a physical takeover of the boardroom and physically ejecting board members out the door on Could 31, 2022. These actions, which integrated the participation of private safety agents and about 50 local police officers in the siege came as a surprise to most but may possibly have been predicted based on an April court ruling.

The Philippine Supreme Court handed down a ruling in April stating that founder and former head, Kazuo Okada must be reinstated as the chairman of the casino’s parent organization.

Chairman Ousted in 2017

Okada had been ousted from the company in 2017 right after accusations of misappropriation of funds. Okada has denied all such accusations.

Whilst some kind of move by Okada may well have been expected, there had been no prerequisite administrative or judicial permits or orders authorizing the takeover.

Especially troubling according to the operating organization is that the concern in manage of more than 99% of voting rights was not even a Philippine organization and in their view not subject to the order from the Supreme Court. They also claim the Supreme Court decision was a provisional order and that the Court was still considering the restoration of Mr. Okada’s position.

The unprecedented “hostile takeover” of the premises led to the publication of a Notice With regards to Extension of Agreement Deadline for Subsidiary’s Merger (De-SPAC).

If the merger/acquisition had been to proceed, Okada Manila would be capable to access an untold quantity of different varieties of funds and improve investment in the organization.

Okada Manila sits on more than one hundred acres of land and is a single of only four casino resorts in Manila’s Entertainment City. The casino has about 3,000 slot machines and 500 gaming tables.

Slow but Stable Revenue Recovery

Even though the Philippines casino sector continues to rebound, it is a slow recovery with gross gaming revenues only up about 14% in 2021 to a level roughly half of the amount generated in 2019 just before the pandemic.

Even though the US gambling economy has far more than recovered from the health emergency shut-downs, Asian gaming has not been as robust. Macau, a unique administrative district of China has had sporadic returns but travel restrictions have kept it from returning to anyplace near the levels of previous years. Professionals only count on 2022 gross gaming revenues to reach 27% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Source: Nasdaq-listed 26 Capital to pursue $2.5 bln SPAC deal with Manila casino, Reuters, June 15, 2022